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poniedziałek, 22 czerwca 2015

Reasons why I heart Coursera!

Hi guys! As I am working towards my Monday productivity once again, I decided to post something and brighten up my day. My favorite Spotify's "Pop chillout" is playing, and Ed Sheeran is singing to me "you look so beautiful", so how couldn't I feel inspired? No better way to get the girl, Ed!
Anyway, what I will be talking about today  can  also make you feel like you are on the top of the world, boost your confidence, push you towards improvement, and costs less than Ed's album. Sorry Ed! What am I talking about? Let me introduce you to Coursera! It's an ultimate tool for all who wish to upgrade themselves and feed the brain with knowledge FOR FREE. I know what you are thinking - there must be something tricky about it. Maybe you're checking your calendar to see if it's first April.  I must disappoint you - I have blown more jokes in my life than chances of actually getting a date, so I'm absolutely serious. (P.s: My new blog address is here: )

Coursera is a web place, where many amazing universities offer free courses on almost every possible subject. Interested in studying Chinese? No problem! Desperate to get down to some marketing, but also fond of social psychology? You might have as well won the lottery, because you can do both on Coursera!  As well as many other courses! It's an amazing way to teach yourself something new without spending lots of money, because all you need is some time and internet connection.  Myself, I am currently studying marketing and productivity, and I must say Coursera is helping me  more than I thought it would.  It is easier for me to plan my day and actually do something than it was before. Thank Coursera! There are courses which are set to start and end on certain dates, but that's not always the case. Some of them offer you something more attractive: learning at your own pace. As you see, no excuses are valid, Coursera can work out even for the busiest of us. If you wish to expand your knowledge, join Coursera! Personally I think joining this website was one of the smartest things I've done during two past years. One of few actually. Another one would be creating a Deviantart account. I would love to end today's  post with some works of my friends - Josh & Paco. They're truly awesome  - supportive and kind, and God knows it's rare nowadays.

Paconidas - Only one day

A wish
To a genie
To the stars
And to the Gods
The only wish I want
Is not gold
Not fame
Or the eternal
I only want
Even if there was only for a day
Is return to childhood
Is return to the innocence
Return to the long days
To the unlimited dreams
Only for a day
I want to be young again
I´m tired
Of the "adult life"
I´m tired of the responsabilities
I want to play with toys
I want to see cartoons
And I want to lose the worries

Only for a day

You can check out his other works here:

I also long to be small again. I bet we all do sometimes, but we have to carry on and that's fine. We art pieces of art in progress. I'm excited to see what we eventually become! What I fear, though, is that we'll become disconnected from nature whose beauty can't be copied or replaced. If you take a look at Josh's work you will agree with me. At least I hope so. By the way, Josh's deviantart account is fond of visitors, so feel free to enter:

Photo by: Josh Mottley

What about guys: have you ever tried Coursera? Are you interested in any particular subject? Looking for other learning tools?  Let me know in comments!

Have a lovely day,

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